Ready or not, the Christmas season is fast approaching! White Field Music in partnership with is announcing a special, holiday limited time gift offer. From now on– you can order our 3 Evie CDs, PLUS receive a copy of Evie & Pelle’s duet CD, We Pray for the World, as our bonus gift to you and a token of thanks for your support over the years! The cost is just $30 plus shipping and handling. Anywhere outside of the US needs additional postage; please see Web store page for details.

Please note: Special Holiday Offers and regular CD purchases need their own transactions. Thank you for your cooperation with this request; submitting separate orders will ensure correct shipping costs. (For instance, if you want to purchase 2 Holiday Special Offers and 1 regular CD, please submit 2 orders–1 order for the 2 Holiday Offers, and 1 separate order for the regular CD. The web store will automatically include the correct shipping cost on both transactions, respectively.)