It’s been a while since my last E-card. A lot has been happening in our family. The biggest news: about three months ago we added a new little grandson– Max! Our first grandbaby! In some ways I actually feel “promoted”! Kind of like going up to the next grade in junior high, but of course much better than that! Every grandparent I know told me that I’d never really understand just how precious these grandchildren are until I’d hold him or her in my arms and look into their eyes. They were exactly right. I knew I’d be “over the moon” excited and thankful to God– I just didn’t realize how this pint-sized, little man would steal my heart. He takes my breath away! Our daughter and son-in-law, Jenny and Carlos, have completely turned my life upside down and inside out with the addition of their Maximus. And I just say, “Praise the Lord of Life who has done it again!” A gorgeous new creation designed beautifully for His purposes and our joy! This grandchild is more-than-welcome into our family!

When Max was only a few days old, cuddled up on his great grandmother’s knee, I snapped this photo. There are nearly 85 years between these two! My dear mom has lived most of her earthly life already, and little Max is just starting out. If you were to give my mom a chance, she’d be quick to tell you how faithful the Lord has been to her through all these years. Through many challenges, which is simply part of life, Mom has seen and proven that God is trustworthy, reliable and never failing. Her faith in Jesus Christ has been a true inspiration for me from my very first days on the earth.

So we can see four generations represented in this snapshot. The “bookends” if you will. As we all face uncertain days ahead, let’s grab hold of the strong hand of our gracious Lord. His love endures forever. As one of my favorite hymns says, “There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not. As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be!”

Max and Mom and all of us in between can rest in that.

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