New Year’s Greetings

As a small child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would often answer “a lawyer” and then with a smirk on my face add, “AND a gift-wrapper at the department store!”  I must’ve thought that being a lawyer would require a little job on the side to help off-set those monster school loans!  No, I must be honest: I’m sure the appeal for being a professional gift wrapper was more related to how much I enjoyed giving and receiving gifts myself.  It’s still a lot of fun– especially the giving part!

I suppose it is the excitement and anticipation in the eyes of the gift recipients that first grabbed at my heart strings years ago.  They have no idea what’s in the beautifully wrapped box with lovely paper, bows and ribbons.  And when they tear off the outer shell, open the box and see what you’ve chosen for them, they are usually so grateful, happy, and surprised.  Perhaps they just act that way, and might even be a bit disappointed!  Regardless, I still love giving a gift to someone.  In fact, this Christmas season, along with our family, we gave some gifts to folks we’ve never even met.  They were in need, we got wind of it and were excited for the opportunity to bless them in a small, anonymous way.  And besides. . .I got another chance to do more gift-wrapping!

God is giving us all a beautifully wrapped gift right now. . .a new year!  2011!  Its contents will look a bit different for every person, but He has chosen it for us personally.  And it’s the best He could give each one of us.  We have lots of anticipation too, as we ponder what He has planned for us.  In every year/box, some blessings will be long-awaited answers to our prayers.  Others will be complete surprises that may turn our circumstances in life onto a whole new track and perhaps even test our faith to the max.  Yet we will still be grateful, because our loving Heavenly Father has chosen it all for our good, and for His glory.

In this coming year I purpose to truly trust the Lord more.  To be more full-to-the-brim with faith.  To do a few things well.  And when I ask Him what those “few things” would be– that I need to do well, I sense Him saying, “Those things that only you can do.”  Directly, I begin to realize just what some of those things are.  And then others will do their part, of course.  Deep in my heart I am confident that He will the rest.  That which only He can do!  I just have to do my little part well.  You need to as well. 

A blessed new year, everyone!  God is in control!  He’s got a plan, and it’s more than good!

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