E-Card for November

Foundations.  Important stuff when you are thinking about building something!

The widely recognized and often-photographed “Leaning Tower of Pisa” from the Tuscany district of Italy is our subject on this tourist-trappy postcard.  It’s fascinating to study a bit of the history behind this cool-looking structure.  More than 800 years ago, during a time of great military victories, the town folks of Pisa broke ground for this white marble belltower that would stand as a symbol of strength and prosperity in the cathedral square.

There was just one minor hiccup.  The builders had only allowed for the unheard-of amount of just three meters (less than ten feet) for the foundation–in subsoil that was apparently weak and unstable, at best.  So, while the laborers were working steadily on the third floor of this cathedral tower, it slowly began to sink.

Over the centuries, builders and architects have done what they could to compensate for the tilt and shore up the foundation. And of course it’s standing today, albeit with quite a slant!  Since the initial blueprints weren’t adequately thought through and tested, that belltower didn’t have much of a chance to become all that it could be in the master architect’s eye.

I’m indescribably thankful to God for the foundations that were poured in my life, by my parents–Inge and Willie Tornquist, and by family, church and friends in those formative, early years.  The strong cement of the living Word of God, and of being dearly loved and cherished by Him and my family, have given me a rock-solid place upon which to build.

The Lord draws up the blueprints for our lives, and there is never a mistake.  Let’s trust Him with the outcome.  And while we are at it, let’s see to digging deeper and pouring foundations in the lives of younger people all around us.  Perhaps they haven’t had the best start in life, but they can still stand– tall and strong, as a testimony to the victory of our God!

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