Thanksgiving E-Card

Remember the old addage, “attitude of gratitude”? I love that. There is something so beneficial about choosing to have a mindset of gratefulness and thanksgiving. . . no matter what! There will always be something to distract and cause us to take our eyes off what is good, and pure and right and lovely. And let’s be honest– life is hard and circumstances can easily bring anyone of us down. But the key, I believe, is to choose to not linger at those challenges, disappointments, calamities and such, but to go forward with our eyes on the prize Himself– our precious Jesus!

This passage of scripture from Ephesians 5 is a special one for all of us that believe. Verse 15 says, “Be very careful then how you live–” inferring that our own free will is always in play and it would be best for us to choose well. “Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (v.19-20) Tell me honestly, do the words “always” and “for everything” pop out to you, as they do to me? They get me every time. Immediately, I recall the far-too-many missed opportunities for “giving thanks in everything” that I’ve encountered along the way.

In America on the fourth Thursday of every November, we celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving. Most of us are off school and work, Watching the parade from Macy’s Fifth Avenue in NYC or football games on TV, stuffing ourselves with scumptious foods that have way too many calories– and visiting with friends and family that mean a lot to us. Many are faithful in opening their homes and hearts to lonely neighbors, homeless folks and others that are experiencing hard times. We all know this should be something we do throughout the entire year, not just at Thanksgiving–yet, do we? And when we do, is it truly done “in the name of our Lord”?

It’s time for a paradigm shift for most of us, don’t you think? We all probably know someone that continually gives thanks to God– with a song in their heart– under the most challenging of circumstances. I can think of several that exemplify this such as our dear friend Joni Eareckson Tada, as well as others whose names you would not necessarily recognize, but are just as faithful and constant in this way of life. Don’t we have to admit that we absolutely love hanging around these folks? It’s their “Jesus Joy” that is so contagious, because we know it’s authentic.

Make people wonder why you, too, have that Jesus Joy! Regardless of what you may be going through. Make them long to have that, too. You, oh Lord of heaven and earth, are more than worthy of our constant thanksgiving!

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